Welcome to the Taylorsville Waterworks System! We hope you’re enjoying our community. If you ever have any questions about your service, please feel free to call us during the office hours listed below. For service outages or emergencies after hours, please call our emergency number: (502) 477-0434



All new accounts require a deposit of $100 and a $30 service fee at the time of signup. The $100 deposit will remain on the account as long as it is active. If the account is ever closed, your final bill will be deducted from the deposit and the balance will be refunded to you. The $30 service fee is non-refundable

A representative of this company will read your meter and you will be billed monthly for the water used at your service address. If the address is inside city limits, you will also be billed for sewer and trash. The payment due date will be included on each billing card, along with the current meter reading and gallons used. If the bill is not paid by the due date, the account will be considered delinquent. A 10% penalty will be applied to all past due accounts. You will be mailed a second reminder bill with a final payment date. If the account is not paid in full by the final payment date, the City will disconnect your water service without further notice to you. If your account is ever disconnected for nonpayment, a $60 reconnection fee plus the past due balance will be required to restore service.

We offer several convenient payment options:

• Credit & Debit Cards*
• Check
• Cash
• Money Order
• Automatic Bank Draft Withdrawal

*A 2.75% processing fee will be assessed.
Payments accepted during office hours:

• In Office
• Drive-Thru Window (located on right side of building)

Payment accepted at any time:

• Telephone (credit & debit cards only: 1.855.373.0811)
• Night Drop (located on right side of building)

When your service is interrupted due to a water break on our main line you can be assured we will do everything possible to repair and restore your service as soon as possible. However, you are responsible for any leaks on the customer’s side of the meter.

Due to the laws of Kentucky, you are required to “Call Before You Dig” (KY811) to mark underground utilities. Please allow two weeks from the date we receive all information needed to install your service/s. In addition, make sure your yard is graded to the level you intend to leave it before you request a meter set. If it becomes necessary to raise or lower the meter vault due to grading after the meter is set, it will be at the customer’s expense. Billing starts the month following the date the meter is installed. You will be billed a minimum flat rate bill whether or not water is being used.

Please do not allow contractors (ie: plumbers, bricklayers) to disconnect the meter from your side of the meter loop and bend it upward to make a connection to get water. This is illegal and can cause severe damage to the meter and loop. You, as the customer, are responsible for your meter connection. If damage is done by a contractor working on your behalf, you will be held responsible by the Water Company. Please direct them to connect to the bottom outlet side or pigtail on your side of the loop and not to disconnect either side of the meter or pressure reducing valve (prv). If you or your contractor has any questions about this or other water-related projects, we would be happy to advise.

Your water pressure may be extremely high depending on your elevation. If your pressure seems too high you may want to have your plumber check the pressure and install a pressure reducing/regulator valve (PRV) if you so choose. You may also want to install a check valve on your water line to avoid damages due to erratic water pressure.